Ninja Deluxe
ModelPSIVacuumHeaterRetail PriceOur Price
411-221MO100Dual 2-Stage$1813
411-221HMO100Dual 2-Stage
411-2X1MO100Dual 3-Stage HP$2299call
411-222MO200Dual 2-Stage$2043for
411-222HMO200Dual 2-Stage
411-2X2MO200Dual 3-Stage HP$2448guaranteed
411-225MO500Dual 2-Stage$2603lowest
411-225HMO500Dual 2-Stage
411-235MO500Dual 3-Stage$3070
Standard Features
HOUSING: Rotational Molded Polyethylene
CAPACITY: 11 gallon solution / 11 gallon recovery
MOBILITY: 4" front casters / 8" rear dolly wheel (for stair climbing ease)
HANDLES: Front grab handle / rear dolly handle
PUMP: Diaphragm demand / 100 PSI
VACUUM: Dual 2-stage / 150” water lift
WEIGHT: Machine only - 68 lbs. (weight may vary depending upon the package you choose)
HOSE SET: 25' Vacuum and Solution hoses included
WAND: Dual Jet S-Bend stainless steel wand included

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Upgradeable Options
VACUUM: Dual 3-Stage Vacuum
HEATER: Internal in-line, up to 200-degrees F
TOOLS: Upholstery, stair, auto detail tool
PUMP: 100-500 PSI external w/ adjustable pressure
VOLTAGE: 220 Volt available

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